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Bonita Mendenhall wrote -

Kelli was diagnosed on October 12, 2007 at the age of 4. She is 12 now and still playing soccer, but volleyball has become her new sport and passion. She is planning on trying out for track next week. She is in the Beta Club, Interact Club, and TSA (Technology Student Association). This is last minute, but all we are asking is for all our friends to give $1.00 to MS Diabetes Association in order to help fund Kamp Kandu that is so important to the children and their caregivers. Thank you for all your continued prayers and support and Kelli is loving life and rocking and rolling through. She is still on a pump; we have switch to the Omni Pod and added the help of the Dexcom Sensor and with the iPhone app I can stalk her numbers as long as we each have a WiFi connection where ever we are. Technology is great, but we still pray for a cure. Thank you again, love and hugs, Ronnie, Bonita and Kelli Mendenhall

Poem written by Kelli in 6th grade - Teacher: Wendy Oden, Germantown Middle School - April 2015

That Night By: Kelli M.

In the car watching The street lights go by One by one counting until my mom says, “Stay awake, honey, we’re almost there.” A bundle of flashing lights greet us When we arrive, people are rushing everywhere. While my dad, panicking, picked me up, Rushing me into the hospital about to throw up. The fragrance of sickness greeted me, While the sound of wailing children awakened me. Hospital beds proceeding down the halls As I was put in a small looking room. Ladies came in with all kinds of things And all of those things were scaring me. I had no clue of what was going on, But what I can say, I was five. These nice nurses moved us into a room With all of these beds and TVs in there. I saw parents standing by their children, As my parents were frantic and worried too. I was confused and scared So my mom and dad held my hand. We all had to stay awake until midnight But the Disney Channel kept me awake till two a.m. Since then I’ve learned how to handle My blood sugar, to know if it’s low or high For when my hands are shaking, it’s low And when my legs are badly itching it’s high. Blair E. Batson is the hospital for children No matter, if you have diabetes or another disease. Thank you to the nurses and doctors That long, long, night that never left my side.


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