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Gaining weight, getting healthier
July 07, 2016

– I'd like to update everybody and let them know that I'm gaining weight I need to close from top to bottom. Also I have a prescription for See More


~~~I'm just startingn over again, in life, evolving with my "condition" as my team of doctors/specialists like to refer to as "my state of being". Lyme disease has had its way with my immune system along with all kinds of other parts of my body. I'm fortunate to be alive knowing what I've been through as a survivor, able to reassess my life, take "another" fresh look whilst given the chance all over again. I'm proud to be alive and living with chronic Lyme disease, but it has left me with an unbelievably overwhelmed and struggling. OUCH! Today, trying to move forward I'm in desperate need of obtaining a divorce lawyer, that's one big ticket item, along with a car and insurance for the car and good insurance for my body. Ugg. I'm in need of obtaining a divorce, I've survived a 16 yr marriage that ended up in shambles with a huge case of Lyme that reared its ugly head in 2011, all to kill my spirit and show my husband and myself exactly what was left of us, not much. These past 18 months have been SO HARD, and I didn't roll straight into my mothers bosom, but here I am in her spare bedroom, thank goodness... Getting here took me a while, I had some follow-up visits with doctors in Boston that should've happened almost 2 years to the date – that's part of "my story" in divorce court, it's awesome to know that I matter now. Yey! As soon as I say/think/type that all I can think about is the money that I need to obtain a lawyer ~ I figured you might be interested in the person you'd be funding.... So, you're reading this and I don't know how or where to start- I was brought back from the brink of death about 5 yrs ago from a coma-like state, undiagnosed and bedridden, somehow I had the strength enough to stand back up, most literally and move forward on my own two feet. I've learned how to form sentences with the muscles in my mouth now working with my brains thought pattern, that's was years ago now and I still have trouble. Now, a year and a half after leaving my husband, it's my time to moving forward, handicapped and starting to believe that I could live on my own or with like minded individuals. There's just one major thing they'd have to be able to handle my thought process it's what I consider and refer to as "Lyme brain" some people might refer to it as "senior moments", Lyme doesn't care how old you are. I had a tick hosting on the back of my left ear lobe when I was eight or nine years old, now 43 and I'm still paying for it - right now, yup – I don't thank that tick at all. I've never had the classic "bull's-eye" rash that's talked about if you look up Lyme, which I suggest that you do- I've heard the CDC has information on the disease. I thought that you deserved to know how my Lyme brain sounds while I'm at my "best". Thanks to my family and friends for showing me what some of the possibilities are if I do have the chance to use the funds. I've got a passion to better myself, my life, and write a book of my life, as my girlfriend Brooke refers to it as The Guide To Surviving Lyme Disease – in the past six years I haven't always had a voice, literally, it's important that I tell other Lyme survivors that there is life after being treated once or many times. One major "thing" for my moving forward is to let others know that whatever inspires them is actually doable, with that HUGE lifeline I'm now ready to sit with a writer to let other know that word "again" becomes viable, again is a word that is actually a truth now-a-days- "Lymers" don't ever say never, there's this wonderful word that reappears in your life and it's an art form. Reaffirmation is what keeps me going while I lay in bed everyday. I did that again I can do that again -LOL- it sounds crazy, it's the truth that I wish for you, the others. And, thank you ahead of time, if you decide to donate to my future with Lyme, getting my feet on the ground, all over again. Here's my link, please share with your friends and family, I've summed it up at the very bottom for your friends and family if they don't want to read Lyme brain talk. Thanks so much for being patient with my words and way of telling my story.I've been living with Chronic Lyme disease, I'm looking forward to the future... Thanks...



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