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Christopher SAYS:
Final "In the middle of a mi…
Final "In the middle of a miracle" email: finances.

Below, we have a complete accounting of the usage of all the money that you donated. We feel that transparency is a mark of integrity, so we wanted you to have all the information. Breakdown of finances:

Total given: $5125

Crowdrise fees: $239.10

Total after fees: $4885.90

Move fees: $2500 (+$100 from an insistent friend) = $2600 (total cost of Uhaul and gas was 2846.75 (2211.18 for uhaul, 635.57 for gas. We paid the overage from our account.)

Total in gifts: $1186.43
$100 paid parking for needy newlyweds
$131.13 paid to protect all of a young writer’s earthly possessions
$450 paid for groceries for hungry people
$48.38 paid for lunch with a friend feeling lost in their career in mid-life who needed love and inspiration
$350 paid for Target gift cards for a single mom and a couple in a similar situation: moving across the country hoping for a better life.
$106.92 paid for 13 copies of Sun Stand Still sent to people in need of a miracle.

Total in Church giving to City Church Chicago: $1200
$240 already paid, $960 to be paid over the next 2 months
2 years ago
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Christopher SAYS:
“I was hungry and you fed me…
“I was hungry and you fed me.”

You gave groceries.

We heard from several people who honestly didn’t know where their food for the next week would be coming from. One of these was a volunteer for a church who was looking for God to meet her needs while she met the needs of the church. You bought her groceries. Another had $900 of student loan payments each month. In order to keep those at bay, he needed to take continuing education (which someone else paid for!), but this education took time away from his work, and he found himself without food. You bought him groceries. Lastly, you gave into a miracle that produced a further miracle. A young lady has been working hard at a restaurant/bar for years making a good living. Recently a business moved in on the corner and began stealing customers through shady practices. Tips went down. Needs went up. On a morning where she honestly didn’t know where her next meal would come from, she received a $150 grocery gift card from you. Excited, she tearfully posted her relief on social media. Another friend of hers, inspired by her post, sent another grocery card for $100. Because of you. Your gift was nearly doubled.

Finally, a single mother of 5 kids under the age of 12 had been through the mill. In addition to the collapse of her marriage, she lost her house (her parents helped to get her settled in a new one) and struggles monthly to meet the needs of clothes and food for growing kids, not to mention rent, bills, household supplies and the constant needs for school. You sent target gift cards to her and here’s what she said: “Today I finally got to the pile of mail on my desk, and was literally fretting about going to buy some things at Target that I needed for the kids/house (toilet paper, shampoo, etc) and I could not imagine that I would open $250 in Target gift cards on the very day I needed it…it literally made my weekend…you have no idea what this gesture means to me, and the kids…I am so blessed to have such amazing people thinking of us…I will pay this forward, in some way, to someone else… Love”

You did that. You did all of it. Thank you for meeting our need and letting Jenna and I be the conduit through which you could bless others. We are amazed. We are relieved. We are overwhelmed. And we are settled in Chicago. Debt-free. God Bless you all.

Chris and Jenna

One more email will be coming with the complete financial breakdown of how your giving was spent. Thank you.
2 years ago
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Christopher SAYS:
To all who gave, We truly d…
To all who gave,

We truly don’t know how to express our gratitude for everything you all have done for us. So, instead, here's a list of everything your donations accomplished.

The Joneses are settled in our new home in Chicago, and WE LOVE IT. The Uhaul was paid for, in addition to gas. All of our items arrived safely, and each one has slowly been finding their place in our two-bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. slice of heaven.

As promised, with one exception, all overage was/will be split between our local church here (which has a large mission for community outreach), and people who had needs who wrote into (The one exception was a friend who texted and said, “Listen, you’ve met your goal, and I’m going to give $100 dollars, but I want that money to go to you and the needs you haven’t yet anticipated.” We decided to honor his wishes, and it was a good thing. My gas budget was based on the uhaul getting 10 mpg, but I guess when you put all your stuff in one they only get about 7 mpg! Oops. So I was a little off.)

Here are some of the amazing ways your money went through us to others in need. Whenever possible, we met these needs anonymously, sneakily. We wanted to be the hands and provision of God, without the glory:

We sent 13 copies of the book, Sun Stand Still, which inspired our miracle Summer, to those we heard from in need of inspiration. Get this: the day we went to order the books, Amazon was having a sale on the book for ½ price! We had previously paid $14+. Because of this sale you were able to sent out these books with free shipping for just over $8 apiece!!! Coincidence? I doubt it.

We heard from a newlywed couple (who had also recently moved), who, like many couples in the first year of marriage, were having trouble making ends meet. We were able to narrow down that their parking each month, $100, was particularly painful. The rent and all the bills would be paid, and then this last $100 dollars made it so much harder to just get ahead. You paid that $100 for September.

A writer reached out who moved to LA a year ago. In short succession his car was broken into, towed and ticketed. He has been making headway in his career, but in the meantime his belongings, still in storage in PA, were in danger of going to auction because he was choosing between transportation and food in Los Angeles, or paying for his storage in PA. You paid to keep his possessions from being sold.

2 more emails to come...
2 years ago
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kelly wilson
Studio City , CA United States
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