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CROWDRISE : Feb 28, 2010
Tax ID: 26-1402190
BASED: Jacksonville, OR, United States


Free U.S. Elephants!

The Kerulos Center is raising money to establish the All Bull Elephants' Sanctuary (ABES) for Elephants suffering in U.S. zoos and circuses.

The Kerulos Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2008. Our vision is to Create a world where all Animals live in dignity and freedom. We translate this vision into practice by helping animals in need through research, education, and sanctuary. The ABES project has two main goals, to provide:  


1.   A healing refuge and lifetime care for captive-held male Elephants suffering psychological and physical trauma in North American zoos and circuses; 


2.   An education nexus that brings together scientists and healers to work with at-risk youth, re-entry prisoners, and other underserved communities to galvanize a way of living dedicated to trans-species peace, wellness, and sustainability. 


For more information please visit The Kerulos Center's ABES page.


Tax ID: 26-1402190 •


Free The U.S. Elephants!

Free The U.S. Elephants!

Amount Raised:



1% Raised of $200,000 Goal