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Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams
United States
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You may think that you know your house inside out but as with most people, it’s a misconception and a common one too. The majority of us are unaware of the many features installed in our homes that fail to garner our attention in everyday life. Regardless of our inability to recognize them, they may turn out to be very useful. For instance, the water and power switchboards installed in our homes can be used to take appropriate action in case of an emergency without calling 24/7 emergency plumber San Diego. Turning off the water supply in case of a leak or flooding can help calm the monster until the professionals arrive.


Water switchboards installed in homes have several options for controlling water flow so firstly it is important to know what kind of a problem you’re dealing with. Following are the possible places that are most vulnerable to water leakage:


•    Your techy thingamajigs

Yes, your appliances are being referred to here, from your washing machine to your innocent refrigerator. If you notice a leak from any such appliances, you can turn off their water supply from a valve located behind them. You should have good knowledge about supply lines in order to act fast in case of such problem.


•    Drains and sinks

Water lines connected to sinks located in bathrooms and kitchen and located in a cabinet below them. By turning the valve on them, you can avoid further spillage of water additinoal reading. Then contact a professional immediately so they can solve the problem as soon as possible. It is also advisable to keep these cabinets open in winter as it prevents pipes from freezing.


•    Overall piping

A leakage in a pipe located in the basement area or behind a wall can cause flooding in the house. It is then important to act fast and turn off the main water supply to the entire house. This can be achieved in time only if one has adequate knowledge about the main switchboard beforehand.


By spending some time analyzing your house and how things function, major mishaps can be avoided. It is important to keep in touch with everything related to your house so you can act accordingly in crunch time. By turning off the water supply before it causes serious damage, you can avoid major money losses. After the supply has been turned off, you can ask a professional to check it out for you and carry out the repairs necessary.



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