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Keene High School Strength and Condition...

Keene High School Strength and Cond...
CROWDRISE : Sep 07, 2017
Tax ID: 81-4981195
BASED: Keene, NH, United States

Keene High School Strength a...

KHS Weight Room Reno

Helping Keene High School provide a weight room capable of handling larger training groups, facilitating a student body with strength of mind, body and character.

Do you remember your time in high school? 

What'd you learn? 

More importantly, where did you learn it? 

Having a weight room in a high school can change a life.  It can teach the value of hard work, the power of support and the results of consistent action.  It can breed confidence and focus in a generation that struggles to find both.  

At Keene High School, there are over 1,000 students, with a weight room that can reasonably host 15.  Last year over 160 different students used the facility.  It is in need of upgrading to support these numbers but lacks the funds to do so.  

Our plan with the Keene High School Strength and Conditioning Boosters Club is to raise sufficient funds to transform the weight room at KHS into one capable of hosting 20+ students at a time.   

Help us to give the students at Keene High School a weight room that they can be proud of.  

Thank you for your effort and support.

Keene High School Strength and Conditioning Boosters Club  

Tax ID: 81-4981195


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