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Howard Zion's Fundraiser:

Kick Cancer's Ass (and other science-based Ninja tactics to benefit humankind)

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Howard Zion


Chuck Norris Rules! If you agree, read on; if not, please read on anyway. My name is Howard Zion and I want to kick cancer's ass. "Why?", you may ask. Because, not only does cancer suck, but even for survivors of the many different types of cancer, their lives are forever changed. The pain and anguish that the cancer experience delivers to its victims and their loved ones permanently alters their lives. The physical scars only serve as reminders that they have been robbed of their natural born bodily function.

Through a lifetime surviving a series of independent diseases, my beautiful bride (our 27th anniversary on 02/14/14) has been through the gamut of surgeries including her current battle with breast cancer. I have seen her bear more pain than a human being should and I'm tired of her getting the short end of the stick. While I cannot reverse Janet's physical and emotional scars, I believe I can be an effective change agent for future generations.

So, with a newfound resolve and a track record of success, I intend to collect the knowledge and tools necessary to find better solutions than currently exist for cancer victims. This path of continuous progress will come through gene therapy. Therefore, I will incite my war against cancer through a strategic plan that starts with a reboot of my career, changing from 31 years in Metrology and Industrial Engineering to a revised focus on Genetic Engineering. You've got the cash; I've got the brains. Let's pool our resources and collectively pull a 'Chuck Norris' on cancer!  Help to fund me through my continuing education and subsequent research, then launch me into the heart of the beast so I can tear it apart at the atomic level!



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