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Angeline "Kanji" Mostar's Kidney Transplant Fund

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November 11, 2012

Please give our batchmate/friend Angeline "Kanji" Mostar hope. Help me raise funds for her kidney transplant.  See more


Romainne Luis


Our friend Angeline "Kanji" Mostar is fighting a personal battle for several years now. As batchmates, schoolmates, family and friends, we would like to give her hope by raising sufficient amount of money so she can get a kidney transplant in the Philippines.

Here's her personal appeal to all of us:

Dear Friends:

This is but an awkward moment for me as I reach out to all of you, but in an unfortunate turn of events, my courage has run out. So bear with me on this one.

In May 2006, I was diagnosed by Alberto Frederick Celestial, MD, a nephrology specialist at National Kidney and Transplant Institute, through kidney biopsy with IgA nephropathy. It is an autoimmune disease that occurs when IgA-a protein that helps the body fight infections settles in the kidneys causing scarring and inflammation and will eventually progress into kidney failure.

For six years, I have been taking lots of medicines for maintenance and as a result, I suffered various side effects. I had joint pains, insomnia, upset stomach, unexplained weight loss, and blood transfusions due to low hemoglobin count. I had prolonged steroid use to suppress my immune system. Still, my kidney function is failing and my doctor opted for chemotherapy. I only had 3 sessions of chemotherapy because my kidneys did not respond to the drug used (cyclophosphamide). I have undergone extensive laboratory tests to monitor my creatinine level. I even tried nonmedical approach like taking herbal medicines and supplements to remedy my condition.

During my last checkup, my doctor advised me to submit myself to dialysis treatment or go through kidney transplant operation the soonest possible time because my kidney function is rapidly deteriorating. He said that only 12% of my kidneys are functioning. When my doctor told me that I need to undergo either dialysis or transplant, I informed my family about it and express my desire to undergo kidney transplant. Without any hesitation, my brother, Ryan, volunteered to be my donor in order for me to experience life to its fullest.

This November 2012, I will be taking series of tests, together with the donor, in preparation for the kidney transplant operation. I have already tried to be strong, but I have never been this scared up to this point.

I have been through ups and downs but I never give up. Giving up is never an option. My family and friends have been there for me in fighting this battle and I thank them for that.

The cost of the transplant operation is not something we can handle alone. But I am clinging to the only word that matters most in my situation: Hope.

Your involvement, may it be financial, medical, spiritual, will certainly help improve the struggle I am fighting, not just to survive, but live. My family and I will forever be in gratitude for the compassion and support.

Thank you and God Bless.



To know more about Kanji's progress visit the Kindey for Kanji facebook page:



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