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CROWDRISE : Aug 22, 2014
Tax ID: 45-5573624
BASED: Elk Grove, CA, United States



Art Education for All

"Give me a museum, and I will fill it". Pablo Picasso, and Young Artists of Monterey, CA.

What We Need & What You Get

The collection of 137 large pieces of original artwork of children is ready for the permanent exhibition. We need $135000 for:

As a startup nonprofit organization Kids Art Museum of Monterey County, CA has identified a goal to obtain the capital for the development of Kids Art Museum.

The plan is to lease a building in the city of Monterey to permanently exhibit the large collection of children’s original artwork and to open the first exhibition in December 2014.

The website of the museum is already developed:

The art education curriculum is prepared.

 The lectures/discussions on various topics of art education are planned.

The publication of the longitudinal research on Creativity Development in Young
Children is planned to be implemented in 2015.

The funds are also needed for the purchase of computers, photo and Giggle equipment for printing limited editions of the artwork with the purpose of sale as means of revenue creation for the development of the museum. In addition funds will be used for printing and office supplies, fixtures for mounting the artwork and
lighting, and art supplies. The personnel cost are also included into the projected budget.

The admission to the museum is FREE. To support the operations of Kids Art Museum, the Art Gallery, Paint a Picture Store and art lessons will be conducted within the museum. The proceeds from the sales of the limited editions artwork will be used for creation of new educational programs and support of the business operations of the museum. The Museum will be open to the local schools for field trips and participation in art education activities. Moreover, the educational programs created at Kids Art Museum can be used by teachers of local schools to supplement art education programs and use of art across curriculum.

You will get FREE Kids Art Museum admission and your name will be permanently exhibited in the Donors List of KAM.

Tax ID: 45-5573624 •


ENDOWMENT for Kids Art Museum (KAM) a new nonprofit art education facility in Monterey, California

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