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Jerry Windham's Fundraiser:

End Poverty by Better Retirement

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EVENT DATE: Jul 04, 2011


Jerry Windham


We are starting a Non-Profit Organization to help families create cost effective retirement accounts for their children.  Our goal is to end the tragedy of impoverished retirement in America and ultimately to revitalize our economy by opening millions of jobs by earlier retirements, converting seniors from welfare to well funded consumers and by creating even more jobs and economic stimulus by the entrepreneurial efforts of millions of financially stable early retires being free to pursue their dreams.

Current public policy entrenches and institutionalizes poverty by the insanity of paying people to remain poor!  Those of us that are able need to lead the way in breaking the poverty habit with time, funding and education.  We can end this train wreck relatively inexpensively by creating two generations of solvent retirees who in turn help future generations by "paying it forward" and stimulating rather than draining our national economy.

The direct personal, social and financial benefits of eliminating poverty for our eldest citizens are too easily attainable to ignore.  Also, the economic effects of elevating millions of estates from zero to substantial inheritances could break the cycle of poverty and dependence for generations to come.

Too many of us wait too long to start saving for retirement, don't save enough and don't get a high enough return on our savings, or worse, depend on welfare and Social Security (don't get me started on the guaranteed shamefully low rates social security delivers or the statistical trickery used to deny cost of living increases by not counting food, energy or housing in inflation calculations).  Simple solutions follow..

The first two problems can be solved by simply funding retirement accounts earlier, preferably at or even before birth.  Multiplying the time available for investments to grow (and eliminating bureaucratic pilfering) reduces the total investment required to retire comfortably by 80% or more.

The problem of better returns is rooted in the practice of blindly handing over management of our retirement accounts without monitoring and demanding performance.  Sadly, most "expert" investment advisers under-perform the market and place their profits before their customers.  The solution is to only use paid-for-performance fund managers with proven records of consistently out-performing the market.

FutureFundingFoundation will help families establish protected retirement accounts for generations of Pre-School children through educatiion, gifts, matching funds and affordable loans.  We will also provide responsible non-profit fund management and lifetime economic training to insure that our newly created "rich" enjoy maximum benefits and are able to pay some forward for future generations.

First things first though are funding for 503c Non-Profit incorporation plus additional legal, software and start up expenses.  I am donating $2,000 to start plus 1,000 hours of my time and funding for my grandson's retirement account.  "Help Jerry's Kids" and yours now.  We have the technology to defeat the disease of poverty.  Don't wait for a Government that can't focus past the next election to do it.

Please join us in building two generations of successful retirees and ending the long term folly of cradle to grave poverty and the tremendous strain it puts on individuals, families and the economic health of our country.  Our unique "Pay It Forward" system will self fund all retirements thereafter.  For my grandson and yours, let's get this ball rolling and "End Poverty though Successful Retirement".  :^)


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JW Interests

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