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Can we save lives? Yes, we can save thousands!

Perhaps surprising to most, the fact is that the cancers that affect children are mostly curable given proper diagnosis and treatment. In developed countries, the long-term survival rate of children with cancer is in the 85%-95% range. For children in Vietnam, however, the prospects of a cancer diagnosis are much grimmer. According to a recent study by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Vietnam has a less than 10% long-term survival rate for children with cancer.

Despite being in the midst of his own battle with this dreaded disease, Michael Doyle was stunned to learn of the terrible disparity of outcomes facing Vietnamese children with cancer. The knowledge galvanized Mike into creating the Kids with Cancer Foundation in late 2011 in order to facilitate the substantial upgrading of the treatment skills of Vietnamese pediatric oncologists, and to provide resources and facilities to help reduce the crushing financial and spiritual burden a cancer diagnosis so often places on Vietnamese families.

During 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, the Kids with Cancer Foundation (KWCF) raised funds through private donations and from the proceeds of an October 2012 gala dinner with art and silent auctions,a March VIP dinner. These funds have enabled the foundation to commence its programs – described further below – and to develop a plan to achieve KWCF’s vision. With less than fifteen trained pediatric oncologists in the country, and as many as 3,000 reported diagnoses of new cases of children with cancer in Vietnam each year there is so much work to be done.

Our Vision: Our vision is to increase the f survival rate of Vietnamese children with cancer from 10% to 50% within the coming three years.We are also building up the first palliative care unit for children in Vietnam.

Our Mission: We believe that through helping to institute coordinated medical training programs, we can improve cancer treatment protocols, introduce new drug therapies and bring years of life to many who would otherwise have little hope of survival.

Our Work: KWCF is currently working in close collaboration with three cancer hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City:

Below is a list of the primary initiatives KWCF is already undertaking or soon will be. Other programs are being formulated but all activities are contingent on the necessary funding being raised. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more details on our program plans and funding requirements.

Twinning partnerships enable rapid and relatively inexpensive improvements in rates for children with cancer even in countries without optimum medical infrastructure and public health funds.

In 2012, KWCF helped facilitate the first multi-year twinning partnership of a Vietnamese cancer hospital with the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute (GCCRI) in Texas. An initial assessment mission was carried out in July 2012 by a team from GCCRI and their Vietnamese counterparts which group developed a multi-year, extensive medical training program for Vietnamese pediatric oncologists. KWCF will sponsor 100% of the costs of these programs .

KWCF has sponsored fellowships for Vietnamese pediatric oncologists to gain much needed diagnostic training with hospitals in the United States (US) which knowledge has then been brought back and shared with their colleagues in Vietnam.

Pediatric Hematology – Oncology
KWCF’s initial focus has been on leukemia as this is the form of cancer with the highest cure rate. The foundation has commenced an ambitious program of bringing medical training teams from US hospitals to train larger groups of Vietnamese doctors in the latest treatment protocols, and to send selected Vietnamese doctors for training fellowships to the GCCRI.

Genetic research for children’s cancer in Vietnam:
In addition to training, GCCRI has generously offered to conduct research on genetic mutations that will help to create improved treatments specifically tailored to Vietnamese children with cancer.

Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant: In November 2013, KWCF will fund the consultation to assist Vietnam’s Blood Transfusion Hospital with the establishment of the first pediatric bone marrow transplant unit in Vietnam.

Palliative care: KWCF believes no child should die in suffering and without the maximum comfort that is possible under the circumstances. KWCF intends to fund both the construction of the first palliative care unit in Ho Chi Minh City, and to train local oncologists on pediatric palliative care methods with the assistance of the Harvard University Medical Center. This first unit will be a model for other such units to be created throughout Vietnam.

Our Team: KWCF is a fully volunteer-based organization with no paid employees or significant overhead. The foundation is headed by its creator Michael Doyle who was recently elected to membership in the American Society of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. Other members of the KWCH team include:

The foundation operates under the license of the LIN Center Community Development Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City. The LIN Center serves grassroots not-for-profit organizations, individuals and corporate philanthropists located in and around Ho Chi Minh City.

2013 and beyond: At the Kids with Cancer Foundation we believe the human race can only be considered successful if it takes care of its members who cannot take care of themselves. We feel a great responsibility to the Vietnamese community to help improve the quality of training of caregivers, and to move towards more complete treatment protocols and better facilities for all cancer patients in Vietnam, especially children. We will continue to support programs to diagnose cancer at earlier stages, provide better protocols and humane treatment. Additionally, we will support all programs that keep children’s spirits up and keep them motivated to win their struggle. We earnestly hope that you will join with and support us in this desperately needed effort.




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