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CROWDRISE : Jul 07, 2012
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Fight Fanconi Anemia

To raise awareness and research funds to find a cure for Fanconi anemia


Jimbo and Candi Fisher have worked closely with several children's charities in the past, but when they were told that their son Ethan had a rare blood disease called Fanconi anemia, their lives immediately changed. They wanted to know everything they could about the disease, but soon found that there wasn't much information available. That's when they knew they had to do something that would not only help their son, but also help the many others affected by Fanconi anemia.

Kidz1stFund provides support to families affected by FA, provides education and awareness about this disease, and raises money for Fanconi anemia research with the goal of finding a cure.


It is the hope of everyone in the Fisher family, as well as everyone else at Kidz1stFund, that you will join us in this important endeavor.

Kidz1stFund began in 2011 by Jimbo and Candi Fisher to raise awareness and funds for Fanconi anemia research in the hopes of finding a cure for their son and the thousands of other FA patients. The Fund provides support to families affected by Fanconi anemia, provides education to raise awareness about this disease and raises money for Fanconi anemia research at the Fanconi Anemia Comprehensive Care Program at the University of Minnesota, the single largest treatment center for patients with Fanconi anemia in the country.

With help from Kidz1stFund, the specialists at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital are working relentlessly to find a cure for Fanconi anemia. Most children affected by the condition will need a transplant of stem cells, derived either from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood, to extend their lives. University of Minnesota physician-scientists performed the world’s first successful bone marrow transplant in 1968 and have been blazing new trails in the field since. Through research, improvements are made each year in treating patients with Fanconi anemia that have changed the survival rate after unrelated donor bone marrow transplant for this disease from less than 30 percent to greater than 80 percent in the last 15 years.

Kidz1stFund’s ultimate goal is not a dollar figure. It is a cure, so that Ethan and other kids with Fanconi anemia may lead full, happy lives. Together we can fight FA for the thousands affected by this disease. Through your gift to Kidz1stFund, we can all say “I FIGHT FANCONI.”

Tax ID: 45-4355903 •


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