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Our mission is to provide a free and specialized education along with life and occupational skills to students with multiple and severe disabilities. We serve students in and around the Pasiansi neighborhood of Mwanza, Tanzania, aged 6-14 both in the school and in the home.

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Huruma Special Unit is a unique school for children with disabilities in Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa. The School serves over 40 students with many different disabilities for free. Without the services of Huruma these students would most likely reamain at home. At Huruma Special Unit, we believe every child has a right to a promary education. 


-To give students with disabilities of Pasiansi a free and appropriate education. 

-To give students with disabilities education close to home so they can come to school more easily.

-To give physical therapy, life and work skills in order that students might depend on themselves as best as they are able.

-To help parents and children with disabilities to procuring medical treatment and social services, as well as assistance from private organizations serving people with disabilities.

-To train teachers of students with disabilities.

-To consult the goverment of Tanzania in guarding the rights of children with disabilities.