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CROWDRISE : Sep 12, 2013
Tax ID: 54-1917609
BASED: Roanoke, VA, United States


Kimoyo, LTD.

Language of the Heart

We are Kimoyo, LTD. We share many faces across two continents. Learning from each other as we grow. We are miles apart, but we speak the language of the heart. We are Kimoyo, LTD. and we would like to share our story with you. The mission of Kimoyo, LTD. is to create an appreciation within the Roanoke Valley of Cultural diversity through education programs and to establish internationanl partnerships for self-empowerment that address health and economic issues. Kimoyo, LTD. is a 501 (c)(3) corporation founded in 1998. It grew from a faith-based partnershiop formed between two Roanoke, Virginia churches - St. John's Episcopal Church and Kingdom Life Ministries, International.


From our educational programs in Roanoke, Virginia to our medical clinic, internet cafe, microloan program for women, soccer literacy program for girls and agriculture program in Ghana, we are making big waves.


The Na'aba Akparibilla Medical Center, which opened its doors in the village of Zebilla in 2009 serves the entire uppereastern region of Ghana. The clinic is in the midst of a transition to full hospital status. This transition requires staffing reorganization, facility upgrades, and new construction. We are expecting the transition to be complete by the beginning of 2015. This season (August-January) has brought unusually high numbers of patients presenting with malaria and symptoms of malaria to the clinic. In September, the clinic saw 2,000 malaria patients; over half of these were children. Most patients require not only a prescription to treat the disease, but also IV infusions to treat dehydration and diarrhea. We have already been forced to more than TRIPLE our supplies of these medications. The number of marlaria patients is expected to rise through December. 


The African Turning Point Foundation Internet Cafe is located on the grounds of the Na'aba Akparibilla Medical Clinic. Completed in 2009, the cafe provides low cost Internet, copying, printing, laminating, and binding the café and will soon play an important role for the clinic by enabling them to share x-rays and other medical data with colleagues in the United States.


Three times per year fifteen girls participate in the soccer literacy program which lasts three months. Girls are at a severe disadvantage in school due to the fact that traditionally, they would leave school very early to help their families earn a livelihood. Women in Ghana spend more time seeking and hauling water back to their homes than anything else. Girls who participate in our program trade one hour of English lessons, an absolutely essential skill in the Ghanaian business world, for one hour soccer lessons. More than just a game, soccer is Ghana's national past time. Many of our girls have gone on to further their education and even attend colleges and universities and we could not be more proud!


To date over 130 women and, subsequently their families, have been empowered through a microloan which enabled them to start a small business. Loans typically range from $100-$300 and fund businesses such as hair salons and guinea fowl stands (a staple in the Ghanaian diet). After they have repaid their loans, which over 95% of them do, they are able to save money to provide health care, school uniforms and books, and healthy food for their children. Children are able to stay in school and thus are granted more opportunities in life.


We have big plans for expansion in our future, but we need your help to turn them into a reality!

Tax ID: 54-1917609 •


Kimoyo, LTD.

Kimoyo, LTD.

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