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Muhiddin Tojiev's Fundraiser:

Donate for kids education in a remote area in Tajikistan

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Muhiddin's Photo


EVENT DATE: May 09, 2014

Muhiddin Tojiev


My name is Muhiddin Tojiev. I am from Ghazantarak village, Ghonchi district in Tajikistan. Though I work as a freelance interpreter in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, I keep close relations with the authorities of my hometown to help them raise funds for different development projects.

I already implemented a number of projects funded by different organizations on drinking water supply, capacity building of English teachers, involvement of civil society in decision making and so on.

Ghazantarak village is one of the remote villages in Tajikistan with more than 7000 residents. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, no kindergarten is functioning in this village. The village residents have to take their children to the kindergartens located in the administrative centre of Ghonchi district, for which they have to pass through the distane of 2km. In winter period, the majority of children do not attend kindergartens, which is negatively impacting their brain development and education.

The Local Authorities allocated the premises of a former school in the village, which needs to be demolished and replaced with a new kindergarten. The Local Authorities' budget is very limited since Ghonchi district is one of the poorest districts in the country. However, they and the local residents are eager to make their contribution in case we are able to raise funds for the construction of a new kindergarten

Your contribution would be much valuable for the development of children in a remote village in Tajikistan, who can contribute in the social and economic development of the country in the future.

According to estimates, we will need about 100 000 U.S. dollars for the construction of a small kindergarten for about 100 to 150 children.

For the purpose of transparency, we established a Joint Monitoring Committee, which includes representatives from civil society, parents’ association, local authorities and independent expers.

If we do not reach our goal within this campaign, the local authorities and residents will contribute as much as they can to complete this project, since it is vital for the village and district.

Since at present children in Ghazantarak village do not have any opportunity to attend kindergarten and pre-school facilities, it is obvious that their performance in school is lower than it could be. This project would make it possible to use the potential of small children and young people fully for the socio-economic development of Tajikistan, which is the poorest economy in the former Soviet Union area

I implemented a project on drinking water supply in a newly established Neighborhood No 3 of Ghazantarak village, which made it possible to ensure access of 1000 residents to clean drinking water. The project was funded by local Company “Infrastructure Development”. I also implemented some projects on raising awareness of local population on decision making in cooperation with Local NGO “Rushdi dehot (Rural Development”. In cooperation with Fulbright Scholars, who came from the USA to Tajikistan, I also conducted a couple of workshops for English teachers in my district to build their capacity.

I would appreciate it if you could also distribute this word among your colleagues and friends, communities to help us achieve this noble objective.



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