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The mission of KIPP Delta Public Schools is to empower students from high-poverty communities to develop the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to pursue a college education and a life of value, joy, and integrity. Tax ID 31-1807400


KIPP Delta Public Schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public charter schools that accept all students on a space-available basis. Our growing network of schools offer a free, college-preparatory education to children in the Arkansas Delta. We serve more than 1,120 students across four schools in Helena and Blytheville, Arkansas. KIPP Delta Public Schools are providing a choice to families in the Delta seeking an excellent public education for their children. We believe that "ALL of us WILL learn" and that through hard work, high expectations, and more time in the classroom with dedicated teachers, each of our students will be prepared for success in college & life. By providing outstanding educators, more time in school learning, and a strong culture of achievement, KIPP Delta is helping all students climb the mountain to and through college.

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