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EVENT: Valentine Yoga Relay

EVENT DATE: Feb 13, 2016

Kira Renee


6 classes to choose from, 50 minutes each ~ participate in as many or as little as you like.  Maybe create a team  and pretend its a relay.  Keep someone on the mat for all 6 classes.


Participant/Volunteer Info

Participant Guide | Yoga Relay

Volunteer Guide | Yoga Relay

Zcenter Yoga Flyer

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The Zcenter is a genuine, and caring facility that provides assistance to victims of sexual abuse and families of victims of sexual abuse.  You may think this is not a common occurance, but that assumption would not be correct.  Did you know that one in three girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18?  

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center has been working to end sexual assault and abuse since 1983. They are passionately committed to supporting survivors with the quality of care they need and deserve. All counseling and advocacy services are free to anyone seeking help on their healing journey. Our caring staff, volunteers, interns and donors work together to provide invaluable services, educational programs, and trainings throughout our community. We are relationship-centered, community-conscious and results-oriented, rooted in mission and committed to ending sexual violence. 


Having been a victim of sexual abuse myself, I understand the important work the Zcenter does and want to help give them the ability to help other people like myself.

Yoga has been there for me in times of happiness and despair.  It has healing properties that sends a ripple through the rest of our lives, effecting how we feel about ourselves, the world around us, and society.


What if I just want to take 1 class?

Thats awesome! Show up 10 minutes prior to the start of the hour, stay for that one class.  Maybe you feel good and want to take another class, stay as long or as little as you like :)


Do I have to fundraise?

No of course not.  Just be aware that the $20 for the class pass (1 or multiple classes) is actually a donation that goes to Zcenter.


This Yoga charity relay gives you an opportunity to chose a door to your own inner peace.  Room 1 offers a welcoming all levels yoga class, while Room 2 is more focused on breathing and meditation techniques.  You have the ability to chose which ever door or doors you would like to participate in.


Please help spread the word about this charity event.  Or please come check out the Zcenter, where the relay takes place.  You can pre-register for the event or come and take 1 class, or multiple classes.  The point is to create awareness, promote Zcenter, and to feel good about yourself through yoga and meditation.

Do not let the word relay intimidate you.  Participate in as many or as little classes that you wish.  Come with an open mind, and be prepared to clean up the cobwebs of negativity so you have more energy to love your favorite family and friends.


If you are feeling a little saucy, try the relay aspect.  1 person from your team must be on "a mat" in either Room 1 or 2 for all 6 hours.  This can be split up between as many people as you wish.  It is always completely acceptable to take one class, have an awesome time, meet caring people with similar interests, and help support ZCenter's mission.


There will also be a special prize for the team who raises the most charitable contributions.


Our highly esteemed and educated instructors have donated their time to this event because we all want to make the world a better place, one event and one person at a time.


There will be special surprise of heartfelt presents along the way for participants (top secret).  Daycare is free onsite for participants.

There will be a raffle with interesting things, along with vendors with super cool wares.


Come join us while we love ourselves through yoga, and in turn have more love to give our friends and family members for Valentines Day :)


Event organizers:

Heather Schieve RYT200 and Mossa instructor

Lauren Aguilar In Home Therapist


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