Kirkland Half Marathon 2012

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Kirkland Half Marathon 2012 Photo
Kirkland Half Marathon 2012 Photo
Kirkland Half Marathon 2012 Photo
Kirkland Half Marathon 2012 Photo
Kirkland Half Marathon 2012 Photo
Kirkland Half Marathon 2012 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 13, 2012

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 13, 2012

For 2012, the Kirkland Half Marathon is reaching out to the entire running community in an effort to raise awareness and money for The Hope Heart Institute. This year we're making it easier than ever to let all of our runners, volunteers and supporters  get involved.

The Kirkland Half Marathon has partnered with Crowdrise to encourage all runners to unite and fundraise for Hope Heart. Just imagine the impact the entire Kirkland running community can have when harnessed to give back in a fun and compelling way!

The Hope Heart Institute has a 50 year history of revolutionary medical advances and educational curricula that make heart disease - America's number one cause of deather - more treatable, beatable, and preventable. Hope Heart is a Bellvue, Washington based non-profit organization. The mission of the Hope Heart Institute is serving humanity through cardiovascular research and education. Hope Heart is dedicated to preventing and treating heart and blood vessel disease, and to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life for all at risk of - or affected by - cardiovascular disease. 


Anyone can join the official Kirkland Half Marathon Charity Team, benefiting The Hope Heart Institute by clicking here, or create your own team benefiting Hope Heart by clicking here.


Check out some of Crowdrise's Best Promos Ever to help incentivize people to donate to your charity. For example, get your friends or family to donate $29 to your project before January 15, 2012 and they'll be signed up to win a brand new iPad2 and a Drawing of Something!


Click here to register for the 2012 Kirkland Half Marathon.


Click here to visit the Kirkland Half Marathon Website.

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