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CROWDRISE : Jul 01, 2010
Tax ID: 20-4358819
BASED: Asheville, NC, United States



Our Mission

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Established in 1998 in the United States, Kleiwerks International (KI) is a non-profit organization and global network of innovative design specialists that collaborates with communities to create ecological and social resilience. KI was founded by Janell Kapoor who has worked with people from 45 countries, developed projects in eight countries, and facilitated the initial trainings that led to the flourishing of natural building movements in Argentina, Thailand, and the United States.

Together, with our regional collaborators, we are launching three Sustainability Initiatives in 2012:

Collectively we will train a corps of 150 community leaders in ecological building and appropriate technologies. In year one, this corps will train an additional 7,500 people in 25 countries through the building of community centers, educational facilities, clinics, kitchens, seed-banks, and homes. There will be extensive documentation and media support to help tell the story of what communities are doing for themselves around the world. After year one, corps graduates will continue to build on their success, joining the global network of ecological builders, designers, and trainers. This is a growing movement that is about self-reliant, community-led initiatives that care about the Earth and its people. Please join us!

Tax ID: 20-4358819 •


WASI: Women of the Americas Sustainability Initiative

WASI: Women of the Americas …

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