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One Stitch at a Time -- Knitting for Lawrence

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Each year when the weather shifts, finals begin, and we don our gay apparel, I begin spending countless hours knitting scarves for my family (hi mom!) and friends.

This year, though, my perspective changed and I asked myself, "Self, does your brother-in-law REALLY need you to knit him another Virginia Tech colored scarf?" The answer was an unequivocal “No, and while you’re at it stop forcing your friends to wear Gryffindor scarves. They’ve had enough.”

So there I sat with a newly-fringed, lovely teal and charcoal scarf, and no one to force it upon, when suddenly, I was struck with inspiration: Why not give the scarf it to someone who needs it? One scarf seemed too small, though, too insignificant to make a difference, right?

So here we are together, Lawrence. Will you help me make sure people are warm (and fashionable!) this winter? There are several ways to help:

DONATE. Donate directly to my paypal account ( to fund my yarn, looms, advil for my achy hands, etc. All leftover funds will be magically transformed into canned goods for JustFood. Also, please contact me if you're interested in donating yarn! Donations through Crowdrise go directly to the Lawrence Community Shelter so they can do what they do (what they do, what they do). If you donate through this website (and therefore directly to LCS), I can't promise it will result in scarf-creation, but you'll totally get some good karma.

KNIT. If you are a knitter (or not!), I’d love to knit with you. I use a loom and I’d be happy to teach anyone and everyone how to get started. You'd be free to use the yarn and looms purchased by this fundraiser as long as your lovely creations will ultimately be modeled by those less fortunate.

BUY A SCARF. I’ll take orders on colors because girl, you would look FABULOUS at those basketball games in a seasonal crimson and blue scarf. These will be sold for $10 a piece and the proceeds will be funneled right back into my yarn supply to keep on keepin’ on.


CONTACT: E-mail: Phone: (785) 691-8161.



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