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Korsyn Ebare

Korsyn Ebare
Stuff About Me:

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to expose and end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution of our illustrated booklets (click titles to view PDFs): Why Vegan?, Even If You Like Meat, and Compassionate Choices, along with our follow-up Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating.

As a member of Vegan Outreach, anyone, anywhere, in any situation can be the best possible spokesperson for the animals.

Our booklets have been distributed by many individuals and groups, from middle school students to animal advocacy organizations (e.g., Compassion Over Killing, FARM, Farm Sanctuary, The Humane League, Mercy For Animals, etc.).

Why Vegan?, Even If You Like Meat, Compassionate Choices, and earlier booklets have been distributed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, 10 Canadian territories and provinces, Mexico, and numerous other countries (including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Taiwan).

“[A] single dollar donated to Vegan Outreach is expected to prevent between 100 days and 51 years of suffering on a factory farm.”

Our booklets have gone to a diversity of interested individuals, many of whom had no idea about the consequences of their consumption habits, and who possibly would never have otherwise received such compelling information.

Your donation will put booklets into more people’s hands.

In August of 2003, VO launched our Adopt a College program, which – as of March 31, 2013 – has resulted in volunteers handing booklets directly to over 9.1 million students on more than 2,300 college campuses. Total AAC distribution is over 13.3 million, and growing!

An extensive presence on the Internet has reached many more around the world. Different language versions of Why Vegan?, Even If You Like Meat, and other information are also available online.

“The Vegan Outreach team serve as a vital cog in the rapidly expanding vegan movement. Smart, smiling, happy, healthy and fit people on university campuses handing out a colorful booklet carefully designed to inform but not offend – it’s a winning formula. The sky’s the limit. Their ultimate success will come when there will no longer be any demand for their booklets, because everyone has already read it and changed their lives.”

Jonathan Balcombe
author of The Exultant Ark

As shown by the excerpts of feedback printed in Vegan Outreach’s newsletters and enewsletters, there are many new vegetarians and vegans because of our booklets, with the number growing every day.



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