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Haiti InTransition's Fundraiser:

Haitian Youth Impacting Communities through Chess and Art

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Haiti InTransition


Haiti in Transition (H.i.T) is made up of a group of 5 young Haitian women passionate about youth and the development of Haiti. 

We launched the H.i.T movement shortly after the 2010 earthquake with the vision of providing a creative platform for the youth voice in the reconstruction efforts. 

Today, the organization is not only a platform for youth creativity, but it also serves as a strategic lever for youth leadership development and social innovation.


This is one of our programs: "Konbit pou Konbat Echek (KPKE)" ("Coming together to overcome obstacles" in Haitian Creole)

KPKE is a youth development program that focuses on character enrichment, leadership, and civic engagement to inspire and prepare youth with life skills to succeed and become active contributors to society. 

We use CHESS and ART to stimulate and facilitate character development as well as community development.

The primary goal of the program is to cultivate Haiti’s future Game Changers. The well being of the country depends on raising a generation of skilled, competent, creative, visionary and responsible leaders.


As of today, we have already impacted 1 community center in Jacmel, Haiti. This summer, we are setting off to impact "Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje" in Port-au-Prince. Many other schools have reached out to us, and with your help, we can get to all of them.



Chess builds community. It's a game that can be played by all, and that demands respect from each player. 

Chess helps to understand life. The principles from the game can also be applied to life: Accountability from ones actions; Learning from mistakes; Thinking three steps ahead/Strategic planning; Diligently growing from a Pawn to a piece with more power and abilities

Chess opens the mind. Playing the game will develop one's critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Chess opens doors. Upon learning this game, the youth can decide whether to become more competitive and enroll in chess compitions nationally or internationally. Many young chess players have won scholarships and grants from chess competitions. 



Art builds community and a sense of identity. It also serves to develop intellectual and emotional intelligence, positive self regard, and acts as a medium for self-expression


Through this program, it is our hope that each youth will begin to view themselves as a vital contributor to the social and economic development of their community.



We plan to implement this program in schools throughout Haiti. Our school this August is "Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje" in Cite Soleil. Your contribution will help us impact the youth from that school. 

$50 from 10 people will allow us to build 3 chess tabes for 1 school

$30 from 3 people will allow us to get photography material for our workshops on introspection with the youth

$12 from 6 people will allow us to get paint and paint brushes for the youth to paint their chess tables


Visit our website: hitmovement.org for more information

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/H.i.T.Movement, and

Follow us on Twitter: @HaitiTransition

If you are interested in purchasing our shirts (featured on the video), we invite you to visit our H.i.T Empowerment Store. 100% of the proceeds from shirt sales will also go towards our programs. 





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