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Organized by: claire elias

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A few months ago, my cat was attacked by my neighbor's pit-bull, which resulted in almost $10000 cost in emergency surgery. My kitty really fought for her life and she made it! I first thought it was an accident, and I love all animals so I was not mad at the dog. However, in the neighborhood, everybody knows my cat ( she is indoor/outdoor)and they were surprised not to see her out anymore during the time she was in the hospital. When they heard the news, they started -and wrote letters-to tell me very disturbing facts regarding the pit-bull owner and my cat. I wish they had told me before... They reported that the owner of the dog mentioned several times that he hated cats and that his dog hated cats too, and he had been seen several time teasing his leashed dog with my cat, saying " if my dog could get hold of that cat, it would kill him for sure" . The day of the accident, his dog was unleashed. One of my neighbor witnessed the whole attack and told me about it and even wrote a very detailed letter with timing and picture of the area. It was awfully disturbing to read what happened and I came to realize that the owner intentionally and deliberately set my cat to be attacked by his dog. He did not see the witness until after the attack and was in shock to realize someone saw the whole thing. His attitude showed he didn't care a bit about my cat half dead on the sidewalk with all her guts out, panting and bleeding. When he realized he had been seen, he came to our door saying his dog attacked my cat and he was not running away from the situation- several minutes had neighbor had time to go wake up his mom, about 8 houses from mine. his mom came to my house wake up my kids ( I was at work), and they went out to get my cat to the emergency vet- The hospital needed the money on front in order to call the emergency vet ( it was 1:30am) and my credit cards were denying the amount ( too much ). I had to use 3 credit cards to come up with half the money for them to call the vet, while my kitty was fighting for her life, and it took 2 hours, trying to get approval from the credit company, while at work...long story. They finally called the vet. My cats had multiple injuries, stomach, lung, spleen. Part of her intestine had to be removed...but she made it! After the shock, we went to the owner of the dog and asked him to help with the bill....then he changed his story saying that my cat attacked his dog! We gave him some time to think and solve the problem in a civil and decent manner, but there was no way. We had to sue him ( and his girl friend-both owner of the dog) but he disappeared and I was not able serve him. We sued his girlfriend for her to disclose informations about him so we could serve him, but in court the judge ruled that she was not the owner of the dog. And I am left with the bill and 2 people that don't care about animals and life, and responsibilities. That is the reason I am asking help from anyone . The hospital bill was about $8500 and the court bills about $200. Also a few weeks earlier, another one of my cat, a very special beautiful cat, like a black panther, the love of my life, disappeared, and I am pretty sure, even though it is just an assumption, I have no proof, but I am pretty sure the same thing happened to him, but there were no witness and my beloved cat probably finished his life suffering and dying slowly somewhere and I was not there for him. To this day, since he disappeared on September 7th, 2015, I cannot bear the fact that he might have been saved like his sister and he was left to die. He was a very special cat too, very "human". We could "talk together". I looked for him days and nights, calling him waking up at 2am and 5am when the streets are quiet and I never found him. I love animals and I rescued those cats. I love them so much. Thank you for your help. Claire


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claire elias

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