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ORGANIZER: Krimson & Kreme Foundation

EVENT: Perlman Foundation

EVENT DATE: Dec 15, 2013

Douglas Brown


Krimson & Kreme Foundation wrote -

The purpose of the Krimson & Kreme Inc is to address the

deficit in Minority Male success in the South Los

Angeles, Inglewood, and Long Beach Area. As of

2012 the Schott Foundation for Public Education,

found that 52% of African-American male students

and 42% of Latino male students do not graduate

from high school within 4 years.  While this has been

a persistent issue since measurements have been

kept on achievement levels, these statistics have

made a significant case for the Krimson and

Kreme Inc., to take action knowing that without

stepping up to mentor, guide, and assist more

young men in succeeding, we are allowing Our

young men, Our future leaders and Our

families/communities to fail. With that said, the

purpose of the Krimson and Kreme Inc.

Foundation is to promote minority male high

school achievement, college acceptance and

completion rates. To accomplish this purpose, the

Krimson and Kreme Inc. has focused its

fundraising efforts and investments in the Kappa

League Leadership Program, which has a mission

of: "Preparing men not just to get to, but through



 Vision: Surround at-risk, minority-male

students with highly educated, employed men of

color who all have proven to be achievers in every

field of human endeavors.


History: Over the last 8 years the Krimson & Kreme Inc. foundation

has sponsored the Kappa League Program and its

development over this period of time.  The program has grown from a career

focused mentorship program assisting 8 young

men in 2005 to currently serving over 75 young men who

meet bi-weekly to develop their leadership potential, college aspiration and

scholastic achievement. In 2012 the program

expanded its reach by starting a

separate feeder program with 6th-8th graders,

incorporating a college student leadership

component for graduates, through conducting

our first Leadership Camping Retreat, and Youth-

Lead Conference. With such a successful 2012-

2013 program year, the organization has been

recognized as the Best Program in the Western

Region and with the Silver Award for the best

Kappa League Program in the world for 2012-

2013. This recognition and attention has raised the

community's awareness and support. As a result,

the 2013-2014 school year has begun with both

the highest number of enrollments of students (78)

and volunteers (36).


Current Programming


Building on our success from the last ten years,

this year the Foundation aims to support the

following programs:

1. 2nd Annual Youth-Lead Conference,

students will research, organize and

present barriers to high School minority-male

students to a group of Middle School 8th graders

before they make the transition into high school.


Leadership Camping Retreat- 30-40 participants will be

taken to camp over the Dec. 20-22 weekend to

discuss, plan and strategize presentations for the

Youth-Lead Conference while also getting the

chance to go play paint-ball, participate in

workshops on self-esteem, leadership and



3. Middle School Leadership Academy- we will further our

partnership with mentors at Cal State University

Long Beach students to assist in mentoring a

growing group of 15-20 middle school students.


4.  First-Tee Program-

To expose inner-city youth to the game and world of golf

students will take golf lessons with young and not

so young professionals as they all learn nuances

of the game.


5. Monthly Meetings-

The foundation will sponsor monthly meetings, food, materials and speakers.


6. Sponsoring College Visits and Field Trips-

This year we will have field trips to the National Society

of Black Engineers Regional conference, Cal State Northridge, Loyola Marymount

University, UCLA, and Black College Expo.


7. Assisting other programs grow-

Due to the success of the Kappa League Leadership Development program, the 

foundation is currently in the proccess of supporting other local and national efforts to

develop and assist other minority-male focused mentorship program

in replicating our model.


  • Dietric Williams



The Team: $3,140 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Krimson & Kreme Foundation

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21% Raised of $15,000 Goal

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Douglas Brown

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