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Krum Community Gardens

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The Krum Community Gardens is a non-profit outreach of the Krum 1st United Methodist Church, Krum, TX, an established 501(c)(3) entity under the US Tax Code. The gardens are situated on a 4 acre site behind the church, and are divided into a series of multiple beds raising fresh produce for individual gardeners, as well as local food banks and homeless shelters in nearby Denton, TX. Individual gardeners are able to till, plant, and harvest their own fresh, wholesomely produced vegetables from their own individual plots; and the gardens are also designed to produce fresh produce on a larger scale for the food banks.                              

Sustainable food production for those who desire but do not have the space to grow their own food, or for those who have no means of providing for themselves otherwise is one of the main tenents of this endeavor. One of the basic needs of humankind is the ability to feed one's self. The Community Gardens provide a means of establishing a method of production, resolving this most basic human need.

The Community Gardens were established in 2012, with the following goals in mind - to raise local interest in the community for gardening in general, and sustainable food production in particular; establishment of a local resource for people in the community who are interested in producing their own food, but have no place to do so, to learn how to garden, and to preserve the produce they grow; community involvement in the production and maintenance of the Gardens, to the end that the gardens become an integral part of local community life; and providing a channel of fresh produce for local shelters and food banks, to provide wholesone foods for those who desire to eat better but cannot afford to do so otherwise.          

The funds generated through this fundraiser will be used for the following purposes:
1. Installation of an irrigation water supply system for the gardens - $10,000
2. Purchase of annual bedding plants and seed for the gardens, for season 2015 - $2000.00
3. Purchase of various berry plants (blueberry, red raspberry, blackberry) and fruit trees (apple, peach, plum, and cherry), to establish an orchard for the Gardens - $5,000.00
4. Purchase of various tools to tend the gardens - hoes, spades, shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, etc., and wheeled totes for carrying the produce - $3000.00
5. Two, outdoor open air shelters to sort and wash produce prior to donation to the local food banks and homeless shelters of Denton County, TX - $1500.00
6. Erection of an outdoor, open air building to shelter the composting bins - $3500.00

Thank you so much for considering The Krum Community Gardens for your giving! Your contribution of any amount is gratefully acknowledged and will be used 100% for the Gardens, so please consider giving generously to this endeavor. Many lives will be touched by your contribution, and many bodies will be filled by the fresh produce grown here through the years!   



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