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Summer Camp for All


Kupugani promotes diversity and empowerment for girls ages 7 through 15. In a residential camp setting, we expose children of varied backgrounds and ethnicities to each other, providing an atmosphere where they are given the tools to develop their own opinions, free of the sometimes limiting restrictions of school and predisposed social patterns. 

Kupugani provides this unique learning experience. It is a unique summer camp that concentrates on diversity and multiculturalism as a core purpose.  

The Impact

Most young girls are from homogenous communities where the people with whom they interact on a daily basis are from a similar background, social or economic status, culture or religious belief system.  Even those who live in diverse communities are allowed and encouraged to self-segregate in school or in social settings.  It is a natural phenomenon to seek comfort in what we know; to reject or at least be wary of the unknown.

Confronted with children from backgrounds not their own, filled with doubt or even worse, derogatory stereotypes regarding the other, young people don’t know how to treat or identify with those who are different. Without guidance from older leaders, the course of least resistance for a child is to re-create that homogenous community during social interactions. Unless a program instills a vision of diversity as somehow better, more desirable than homogeneity, children’s lives naturally begin to mimic the adult world, with its sturdy, racial and economically defined barriers, thereby leading to greater polarization in our society and our world.

The next generation of youth must overcome the predisposed views of culture, religion and socioeconomic class to make the world more tolerant and peaceful.  They require life-altering experiences outside of their confining homes, schools and communities where they can experience and learn to appreciate diversity and multiculturalism.  These are the qualities that will help build a successful nation and a civil society.