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CROWDRISE : Oct 06, 2013
Tax ID: 04-2723603
BASED: Becket, MA, United States


Our Mission

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Kushi Institute wants to look at the "whole picture" when it comes to health, vitality, and healing.

Our goals:

To create awareness of this organization and the great work it’s contributed to the health of many across the united states and the world.

To preserve the history and knowledge that is spread through the teachings that Michio Kushi has started so it can continue to help more people, suffering from serious illnesses, who are looking for a life full of health and happiness, like it has done for me.

To continue the mission of creating more educated people on the principles of macroboitics who will be able to share this knowledge with their friends, family, and anyone they touch in their lives.

Tax ID: 04-2723603 •


Marisa's 30 for 30

Marisa's 30 for 30

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