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CROWDRISE : Aug 06, 2013
Tax ID: 02-0770575
BASED: Westminster, CO, United States



Provides self employment opportunities in Africa's impoverished areas using the fair trade business model rather than aid. Profits from the sale of fair trade art and craft fund grassroots NGO AIDS/HIV orphan and related programs selected and vetted by community.

KWAZE-KWASA [USA] Inc. a registered US-based, all-volunteer, nonprofit that fights African poverty and unemployment by the sustainable "trade versus aid" business plan. The hardcore poor AIDS-impacted communities of Sub-Saharan Africa raise support for themselves by the fruits of their own labor. Current emphasis focuses on eastern, central, and southern Africa.

Contributions are raised from the international public by selling fair trade arts and crafts under IRS defined quid pro quo (QPQ) charity donation rules. Canadian and USA taxpayers benefit in that a portion of the donation may be deductible as a gift to charity. Donors from other countries need to consult with their country-specific tax rules and laws. Financial statements are public information and listed on the IRS (EIN: 02-077-0525), Colorado Department of State (nonprofit registration ID: 20083004422) and the nonprofit's websites.

Kwaze-Kwasa is dedicated to a wide variety of artwork produced by talented albeit impoverished artisan entrepreneurs, families, and co-operatives operating various international online store fronts. Encouraging (and facilitating) a market for fair trade art and craft exports enables those affected by the plight of their circumstances, most often not of their making, to support their families and communities through the work of their own hands. Impoverished African communities benefit from the support given to grassroots AIDS-related community programs from the net profits of QPQ sales and the trickle down effect of the money the artists spend locally.

The most successful country on the African continent, South Africa, has unemployment of over 40%. Most of our artists reside in areas where unemployment in the formal sector ranges anywhere between 80 and 100%. Most labor under primitive rural conditions with virtually no utilities let alone access to the internet and the international market. Some are refugees from despotic and kleptomaniac government regimes. The products produced are offered in return for your donation. Exploitive middle agents are eliminated from the business cycle affording the artists a better and fairer return for their labor and their unique products are available to the world market at very reasonable and more competitive prices.




Tax ID: 02-0770575 •


Rebuild Zimbabwe Fair Trade Art and Craft Base

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