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EVENT DATE: Mar 28, 2015


Ron Stein


I started this journey with the Rochester Ronald McDonald House 4 years ago at age 12 to experience charity and the value of giving. I never imagined how good helping sick children and their families would make me feel. Now I know I can make a difference and am committed to continue these efforts as part of my life plan.  

I am excited and honored to be receiving The Crystal Heart Award at the 25th annual Rochester Ronald McDonald House Red-Tie Gala on March 28th, 2015. My goal is to make this my 4th Gala as a Platinum Sponsor thanks to all the help of my family and friends. Please support Team Kyle again this year and give a tax deductible donation so I can reach the $25,000 goal!

I continue to be extremely passionate about helping the House in many ways (not just fundraising).  My Dad and I continue to spend several weekends volunteering in Rochester, NY. Over the summer, we cleaned the house, did odd jobs, and watered plants. Again, in December, we put holiday gift boxes together for the patients and their families who did not have the time or money for gifts for the House and the Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Also, we cooked a Mexican Fiesta (with the help of Kristy Stefano and her family/friends) dinner for 40 people.  I was in charge of making my tasty Guacamole and 'Kyle's Famous Brownies' which were both a huge hit!  Watching (and talking with) the families as they came back from a very long, difficult and emotional day to a warm home cooked meal gave them a little comfort and made us all feel great inside.

The mission of McDonald House Charities is to create and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children with life threatening illnesses.  While they cannot take away painful treatments, they can help lessen the burden and ensure that the children and their families have the stability and resources they need (including a place to stay in or near the hospital).

Again, please find it in your hearts to send in a tax deductible donation today so I can present them at the Gala on March 28th!


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40% Raised of $25,000 Goal

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Mark & Kimberly Bender

Mark & Kimberly Bender

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Krista and Paul Mattuchio

Krista and Paul Mattuchio

Kyle Stein Charity Project 10 hours ago

Robbins Family

Robbins Family

1 day ago

The Rothman Family

The Rothman Family

Kyle, Congratulations on your award. Well deserved! We continue to be inspired by your dedication to this charity. 1 day ago