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La Amistad Foundation Inc.

La Amistad Foundation, Inc., was established in 1970 and does business as Lakewood Center, a long-term residential treatment center for adults with chronic mental illness. Tax ID 59-1300982


La Amistad Foundation's mission is to enhance the quality of life for our residents living with chronic mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, and spectrum disorders.  Our goal is to maintain a community in which these individuals have the opportunity to live with dignity and independence, as they pursue meaningful work, leisure activities and social relationships.  Lakewood's programs vary in degree of structure and supervision to meet the specific emotional, social and physical needs of the residents.  

Donations are used to fund the work, therapy, and activity programs, and provide scholarships to families who cannot afford the entire cost of treatment for their loved ones.  Successful management of chronic mental illness requires a lifetime of treatment and support.  Your donation will assist the families in need and improve the quality of life for our residents.     


A few testimonials...


"Our son was a junior in college when he told us that he was coming home for a rest because his mind was not working right, and it wasn’t. Because we were in denial, we could not see how serious his problem was. He was hearing voices, but denial kept us from seeing this. His mental state continued to go downhill.  One day we received a call from the police that he had driven into the oncoming traffic.  Fortunately, it was inside the city limits in a slow traffic area. No one was injured.  Later we learned that the voices had told him to do this in an attempt to end his life.  We admitted him to a local short term psychiatric unit.  The diagnosis was paranoid schizophrenia. Thus began a long trek through the fires of hell for our son, my husband and me. We were alone and inexperienced so we made many mistakes and had many traumatic experiences. Our son tried again to commit suicide by taking an overdose of his medication.  He lingered between life and death in an intensive care unit for 10 days before his slow recovery.  We had first heard about Lakewood  through  friends who also had a schizophrenic son who had been treated at Lakewood.  So when his psychiatrist recommended we put Ryan into their program, we were very receptive.  We loved the Lakewood facility on first sight, and so did Ryan.  He has lived in the safe, loving environment at Lakewood for the past 20 years. Lakewood has been a godsend to us and we pray that Lakewood will grow, prosper, and never perish  from the face of this earth.  You have lying within your hands the awesome power and beautiful opportunity to lift another human being out of the deep, dark, pit of fear, pain and despair.  Please consider donating to this life saving program."        Mother of a Lakewood resident 


"Lakewood Center has been a real godsend for my brother Alfred and our family.  Prior to coming to Lakewood, my brother did not have a stable living environment.  In his early twenties he was homeless, often sleeping on the streets.  He would move from city to city, and the family would often not hear from him for weeks and months.  He developed basic survival skills, relying on homeless shelters for an occasional meal and a warm bed.  He moved to Florida and ended up living in several different group homes for recovering alcoholics, drug users, others with mental health disorders, etc.  In these environments my brother was often taken advantage of by the other residents, where we had to deal with dubious “friendships”, property theft, stolen identity, and the like.  The residents would merely exist, with no activities or stimulation.  He was on his own to get medical treatment.  Since coming to Lakewood Center, he has enjoyed a safe, stable environment.  He has made friends and has been able to socialize with others.  He enjoys the stimulating activities that Lakewood provides for its residents.  The counselors have been wonderful and have helped him in innumerable ways.  The medical center is first rate, which is critical to someone with his condition.  They have arranged for Alfred’s medical care with various doctors, dentists, and other health providers, something that I am unable to do from where we live in Virginia.  Alfred’s nutrition is the best it’s been in many years, with a first-rate dining hall offering varied menus and a variety of healthy meals.  Most of all, Lakewood Center provides his family with peace of mind, knowing that he is residing in a safe setting with people who genuinely care for him and look after his needs.  We thank you for all you are doing for Alfred."       Brother of a Lakewood resident