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Our Mission: To establish mentorship-based sports leagues as an avenue for teaching children morals and values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Vision To develop positive role models in communities in a manner that is fun and challenging. Tax ID 20-8293882


We work with former child soliders and children who live on the street in Liberia, West Africa.  We use biblical approaches to teach teamwork, mentorship, and sports to combat the various effects of a brutal 14 year civil war and unsupportive upbringings.  Practice time and game time develop both skill and character.  We coach the player, mentor the person, and see the potential.  In this way, L.A.C.E.S. fosters the development of young Christian leaders on and off the playing field.

By combining traditional league play with Christian-mentorship and modeling, youth learn about Christ's teaching from leaders living in their own community, all while playing the sport's they love.




Partner with a local church in the community we are serving. We identify, interview, and train local leaders.


Coaches attend a workshop on coaching and mentoring training taught by an experienced L.A.C.E.S. staff member. The goal of a coach is to set a good Christian example and assist the children in transforming program-learned knowledge into everyday decision making in life. The coach's role is vital for providing guidance and positive role modeling with the targeted children in the program.


After successfully completing the workshop, each coach is given equipment and materials to begin registering children ages 10-14 and league activities commence This age group was strategically chosen because it is within this range that children are in the formative stages of learning and comprehension of personal decision making

Coaches Meetings:

These meetings are frequently held to focus on mentoring the coaches so they are better equipped to mentor their players.