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Lagom Landing is a 9-month residential experience for 18-25 year olds who, for one reason or another, are opting-out of the available post-high school options of college, the military, or the workplace.  Students learn the hands-long skills of carpentry, landscaping, food preservation, and cooking, which frees up the creative space they need to dream, vision, and connect to their next step in life.  Mentors guide students in community life and the acquisition of skills, while helping them navigate their futures.  

In this age of collosal student debt, students at Lagom Landing save money they might have needlessly poured into college without having any idea of who they are and how they want to take advantage of their education.  Students obtain valuable skills and learn the value of work with their hands, no matter what direction life takes them.  

Lagom Landing charges a very reasonable tuition of $550/month for our students (this includes all meals, housing, and program costs).  Donations to our nonprofit help to support students who cannot quite pay this monthly tuition.  

Help support the next generation of young people getting in touch with the work of their hands!  Thank you so much!