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Laguna Creek High School Band Boosters


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Laguna Creek High School Band Boost...
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BASED: Elk Grove, CA, United States


Pursue Excellence

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We, the students of the Laguna Creek High School Band and Guard, commit ourselves to relentlessly pursue excellence by striving to be a group rooted in seven core values of respect, responsibility, dedication, teamwork, spirit, development, and integrity, with value and respect being the foundation of these seven.​

1.  We are respectful to everything and every person's individual role in the group.

2.  We are responsible:  Showing self-discipline in fulfilling our obligation to the group.

3.  We are dedicated:  Demonstrating effort and personal sacrifice of time and energy to improve the group.

4.  We display teamwork:  Communicating and collaborating within the group.

5.  We are spirited:  Contributing a fun and motivational attitude to the group.

6.  We promote development:  Commitment to the shared goals, knowledge, and experience within the group.

7.  We have integrity:  Honesty and devotion to doing what you're supposed to when no one is looking.​

We, the students, define adhering to these seven core values as the bare minimum of success.  In joining the Laguna Creek High School Band and Guard, we are committed to go above and beyond these seven core values.  Upon doing so we can then define ourselves as being outstanding, contributing members of society.

Tax ID: 20-5833148 •


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