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Lake States Dairy Center Inc Tax ID 35-2141464


Fair Oaks Farms is the nation’s premier nonprofit agritourism destination located right in the corn belt of Northwest Indiana.  The destination of a tribute to modern agriculture featuring The Dairy Adventure, Pig Adventure and Crop Adventure that give you an inside and transparent look into today’s farming practices.  Fair Oaks Farms is an escape to the country with acres of great fun, food and learning where you can explore family farms and reconnect with nature, animals and our planet.  We are not only committed to education the public about modern farming efforts, but also to protecting the environment, caring for our animals and ensuring the hight quality products possible.  Fair Oaks Farms brings Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to a whole new light.  Our entire destination runs on cow and pig manure.  Sustainability isn’t just something we claim, it’s how we live.


Start Your Adventure, Feed Your Curiosity at Fair Oaks Farms.  For more information visit