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Lakota Language Consortium, Inc.

Leading the revitalization of Lakȟótiyapi by educating the public on the issue and by providing critical support to language teachers and learners. Tax ID 20-1158601


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, revitalization, and promotion of the Lakota language, LLC asserts that the language is a unique and valuable living expression of the culture, a linguistic legacy and tradition worth preserving and developing. To achieve this mission, LLC provides a wide range of pedagogical and technical support to help schools and communities save the language. Working within close access to 20,000 Lakota children, we produce needed textbooks, computer-based multimedia materials, classroom visual aids, and provide teacher training to schools. Our curricula are designed to create linguistic proficiency in Lakota among students after five years and fluency after an eight-year sequence of classes. Separate curriculum for Lakota are devised for each grade, pre-school to through college. LLC also works to promote activities in Lakota communities that support the use of the language. We have successfully established a Lakota language radio show, and future plans include language camps, cultural events, and media activities. We also carry out national and international fund raising and public relation campaigns to support the primary activities of the organization, and to promote a wider awareness of the acute problem of Native language loss in North America.
Company Overview
A nonprofit organization made up of Native community leaders, linguists and volunteers, its primary mission is the complete revitalization of the Lakota language, one of only a small handful of Native American languages left that has a significant chance of survival.