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CROWDRISE : Jul 27, 2010
Tax ID: 94-3090355
BASED: Spokane, WA, United States



Protecting wilderness

We preserve and revitalize Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action, and community engagement.

The Lands Council works relentlessly to protect and revitalize our regional forests, water, and wildlife because we believe that this is what makes our region exceptional and that it should be protected for future generations. For 34 years, The Lands Council has worked to restore the Inland Northwest’s environment and natural areas - making them more resilient to climate change and viable for everyone - and your financial support is critical to what we do.


We envision a day when the forests of the Inland Northwest are protected for a diversity of wildlife species and provide our communities with a source of plentiful clean water. We envision a public that understands the importance of protecting forests and water from the top of the mountains to the tap. We envision a Spokane River that supports native fish and is safe for people to recreate and fish in. We envision a community that is resilient and prepared for climate change and are careful stewards of our sole source aquifer.

The Lands Council continues to provide programs to enhance and strengthen our local environment through community engagement, effective action, and education.

Wrapping up its fifth year, Project SUSTAIN teaches outdoor education and field science to local students.

The Beaver Project safely relocates nuisance beavers to national forest land to create wetlands, restore wildlife habitat, and increase water storage. We have relocated over 100 beavers to date.

To keep our river clean and healthy, we plant and maintain thousands of trees along the Spokane River and its tributaries.

Collaborate in the decision making and management of our regional forest and public lands. We are in 3 county collaboratives that effect 3 National Forests.

This important work is all possible because of our members, like you, and your dedicated support.


The Lands Council is the voice and advocate for our Inland Northwest environment. We play a critical role in keeping our rivers clean, our forests wild, and the wildlife within them safe. The Lands Council is an ADVOCATE  for our regional environment. Our forest program COLLABORATES with diverse stakeholders to protect our forests. We TAKE ACTION when our forests, water or wildlife is as risk.  We EDUCATE our community with public outreach campaigns as well as educational programing that teaches youth field science and stewardship. By planting and caring for thousands of trees, we RESTORE our riverbanks and keep our waterways healthy.


With your help, The Lands Council is tackling these programs in 2018:

Work to enhance biodiversity and environmental resiliency through reducing wildlife and livestock conflict.

Teach a new, innovative curriculum at West Valley City School, and MEAD Alternative on native ecosystems and the role that predators play in ecology.

Remove more pollutants from the Spokane River in phase two of an inventive project that involves growing a particular type of fungi to breakdown PCBs in the water.

Advise Department of Fish and Wildlife with strategic planning, development of legislative proposals and future budget requests.


We honestly could not continue our work without the individual donations from YOU.


Help us protect our forests, water, and wildlife by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Tax ID: 94-3090355 •


The Lands Council

The Lands Council

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