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Las Vegas Public Radio

Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. is an independent broadcast radio station - open to all parties - influenced by none, operating by, "We the people of Las Vegas, Nevada". We're here helping to promote Las Vegas public-related issues, local culture, tourism and entertainment world-wide. Others talk in circles - we get to the point! Tax ID 45-4388579


Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. will offer something for almost everyone:

  • We pledge to help strengthen the Las Vegas community identity.
  • We will become an outlet for amateur musicians to get their music heard.
  • We will help create opportunities for young people, especially college students, who are interested in radio to learn about the business.
  • Our programming will be focused on Las Vegas public affairs programs, such as news, youth training, local sporting events, neighborhood history, city council hearings, election debates, call-in shows with local figures, politicians, and advice programs with doctors, lawyers, or other professionals.
  • Las Vegas Public Radio will help promote activist programs that explore different issues around the community, such as the environment, education or health care.
  • We will also offer cultural programs, such as international musical traditions, radio theatre, dramatic readings of novels, poetry, interviews, etc. Las Vegas Public Radio® will create diversity on the air because women and racial minorities will be represented.

We are here to promote the public good by being your steward as an independent broadcast media radio service designed for the whole community. You can think of Las Vegas Public Radio® as your library on the airwaves.

Because we are an independent broadcast media radio service, the perception could be that we are all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. The editorial material to be aired on our media services is prepared independently from other media outlets. We may express a "difference of opinion" or "very different editorial philosophies" regarding our news reporting from other competing news staff. This allows us to be a separate voice in the community. Thus, because of our different editorial philosophies, we may operate under a JOA (Joint Operating Agreement), which is a U.S. Justice Department approved method of maintaining competitive distinct voices in radio markets.

Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. is a Nevada non-profit corporation (Nevada Taxpayer ID: 1016003951-001) and operates under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to Las Vegas Public Radio under IRC Section 170.