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To create the awareness of the social, political, economic, and cultural reality that will enable Latinos to develop critical thinking and knowledge for further growth as individuals so that they play a more active role and use the existing resources and create more to contribute to the positive development of our communities. Tax ID 36-4469997


LOS has celebrated 20 years of service to the Chicago’s southwest side communities and surrounding suburbs. Located in the heart of the West Lawn community, LOS is a true beacon of hope to many.

We’ve recently graduated 64 new Americans from our citizenship classes. The celebration brought together community residents, staff, businesses, and legislative officials to honor the contributions made by our participants.

LOS also helps develop leadership skills. “LOS me ayudado a crecer como persona. Participe en ASTRRONGU y me hizo un líder en la comunidad.” LOS helped me grow as a person. I participated in ASGTRRONGU and it made me a leader in the community. –Youth Participant

LOS also provides tutoring and educational support with our scholarship clubs, job clubs, and personal essay clubs. Youth get a wide variety of support!

We have many success stories!

Emily is in third grade. She came to the program over six months ago, having problems with her grades at school. LOS tutoring program was the only free program the family found to help Emily. Emily attends tutoring three times a week. Since then, her grades have improved.

Emily loves coming to the program and enjoys her time with the tutors. She continues to come to the program and rceives tutoring for help with her multiplication.

Christopher—age 17 participates in our boxing program for youth.

“I’ve been boxing for a year and three months. It’s a stress reliever, helps you get through the day, burns a lot of calories, and is good for you. My neighborhood is pretty dangerous. There are a lot of gangs in the neighborhood. It’s tough. Right here [boxing] I feel safe. I don’t have to worry about being in the streets or anything like that.

If you have stress or anger try not to take it out on people. Boxing helps.

Right here is a pretty good place to be.

My advice to kids is Stay off the streets, Don’t do drugs, and Be safe.”

Eloisa’s Story

Eloisa came to LOS seeking any type of service she could receive for her and her 3 children. Eloisa had recently become a widow and was struggling to manage. After listening to her needs, we were able to assist her with obtaining a medical and link card. We also assisted her with energy assistance through our CEDA program. She later became one of our citizenship students and became a citizen. During her time as a participant in the agency, she also became a very active volunteer. Eloisa accompanies us on all Springfield trips, she volunteers her time at the office answering phones, doing basic clerical duties, and cleaning. Eloisa also participates in all office functions or events. Since receiving LOS services, Eloisa has become an independent, self-reliant parent and community advocate.

Beatriz’s Story

“I have three children in the program. I found out about LOS programs after coming in to ask for Community Counseling. I signed them up for tutoring. It’s hard to get my oldest to join groups, so he didn’t want to come at first. I urged him to try it and if he didn’t like it, then he wouldn’t have to come. But he loved it! He likes that the tutoring program is run by youth his age or older. The same thing happened with the dance program. He tried it out and loved it. LOS has been a blessing for me and my children. They treat me well, are respectful, accessible, and organized.”

It is these amazing people with amazing stories that keep LOS moving forward in meeting our mission! Be a part of making a difference and give back to the community. It is through generous donations by people like you that we can make this happen.

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