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Laura's Mailing Books to U.S Troops

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December 24, 2010

Mailed off my 1st of two packages & recd nice email from 1 soldier. 1300 troops & only about 500 books for them to use.  See more


Through I mail used or new paperback books to our deployed military. I also try to include some type of useful and/or fun items for them. Anything from hand warmers, toilet paper, ziploc bags, etc. to toys that they can amuse themselves with, give to local children, or send home to children of their own. The troops can request the genres of books/magazines that they would like to receive.

As a proud volunteer, I use my own funds to mail these items. If I were mailing only books I could mail about 20 paperback books for around $6.00 via media mail with the USPS. However, if I want to include other items (toys, etc.) I pay $12.50 to mail a 12"x12"x5/12" Priority Mail Flat Rate Box with USPS' discount for mailing to military addresses.

Individual citizens, American families and community groups have formed a network of volunteer shippers that have sent over 1.1 million books since Operation Paperback began in 1999. 100% of monetary donations go towards the purchase and shipment of books overseas.

Our service members make sacrifices every day for our country. It takes so little to let them know that we appreciate what they are doing for us. When you donate to Operation Paperback, you will let our troops know that you support them, and you have not forgotten them.



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