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Welcome to LRROF's Friends and Family campaign this is one of our annual campaigns where we reach out to friends, adopters, family, co-workers and more.  We ask you to donate genrously to our campaign as each dollar goes towards a life saving treatment, or simple procedure on the many labs that we rescue every year.  LRROF volunteers work hard each and every day to save the lives of over 700 dogs per year with Lab Rescue -- but this time, we're asking each and every one of our friends, family members and co-workers to show us how much our hard work means to them thru the power of donation.

All funds donated through this fund drive will be matched, up to $10,000. That means every dollar donated is stretched to twice!
$10 can.. pay for a vaccination
$100 can.. pay for a full office visit with vaccinations
$150 can.. pay for a spay/neuter
$300 can.. pay for a heartworm treatment]
$500 or more could pay for a life threatening surgery!

All money donated to LRROF goes back to the Labradors!

We have rescued over 400 labs this year !

This year alone in our SW Florida district we have provided life saving treatment to several labs who otherwise would not be here today.  A young black lab left on the highway after being hit who needed hip surgery, several labs with heartworm, two senior labs rescued from the shelter only to later find out they had cancer but with our loving network have been able to place them in homes and keep them comfortable and pain free to live out the remainder of their lives.  We had Bear an 8 year old yellow male who was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis and recently adopted by a vet technician who wanted a senior boy that was considered hard to adopt.  We have had many dogs with allergies and some with lack of training who just needed routine and guidance.  So please consider a donation as every dollar goes to save these beautiful labradors!



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