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Sleep deprivation have more influences on our health than we might think of. The specialists in sleeping disorders in South Dakota advise that among all physical and mental health problems induced by sleep disorders are also metabolism dysfunctions. Let’s see them in detail.

Sleep and glucose metabolism

Short rest periods at night are associated with decreased glucose tolerance and increased blood levels of cortisol. "Glucose tolerance" is the term used to describe how the body controls the availability of blood glucose for the tissues and the brain, the specialists in sleeping disorders in South Dakota explain. High blood levels of glucose and insulin indicate a poor body's ability to use glucose. It has been shown that a low glucose tolerance is a risk factor for diabetes type 2. The research has shown that a long period of restriction of hours of sleep (<6.5 hours per night) may lead to a decrease in the 40% glucose tolerance.

Increased appetite

Besides, the specialists in sleeping disorders in South Dakota also say that several studies report that in many people there is an association between the reductions of the usual length of night sleep and increased body mass index (BMI). A reduced period of sleep is associated with changes in hormones that control appetite: leptin levels (reducing appetite) were low, while ghrelin levels (a hormone stimulating appetite) were high. These effects are detected when sleep duration is less than 8 hours per night. This suggests that the reduction of the hours of sleep is a risk factor for obesity. A control study conducted on healthy males found that a sleep time of around 4 hours per night is associated with a significant increase in the desire to consume high-calorie foods with a high content of carbohydrates (sweets, salty foods or starchy). The appetite also increased.

Devoting little time to sleep, patients have more time to eat and drink - there are some studies which show that this is one of the reasons why we consider the reduced periods of night rest a predisposing factor for obesity.

The vicious cycle between sleep disorders and obesity

Specialists in sleeping disorders in South Dakota tell us that the problem of sleep apnea affects about 24% of men and 9% of women. This disease is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, causing a disturbance of sleep and fatigue during the day. There is a strong association between this disorder and obesity. Some studies have found that people with sleep apnea have abnormal sleep mode that can exacerbate metabolic disorders associated with the reduction of hours of sleep, such as increased appetite. So sleep apnea, caused by obesity, can affect appetite and energy expenditure in turn promoting obesity. You can find out more about sleep apnea and its effects consulting this website.

Control your sleep

For all the reasons exposed above, but also for many other reasons, is very important to get a sleep disorder test. Many laboratories specialized in sleep medicine can help you determine the quality of your sleep. Hypnos Sleep Wellness is a greatsleep medicine South Dakota laboratory that can help you determine the quality of your sleep. Get in touch with them as soon as possible.



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