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Lawrence's Legacy

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As 2016 nears its end, we're looking toward the future in memory of Lawrence and what happened to him - a black, paint-covered Pitbull, scared and covered in scars at San Bernardino City Shelter, who got a second chance at life in 2014, only to be diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016. He succumbed to it 6 months after his diagnosis, on August 30, 2016. It's both a tragic yet hopeful story that resonated with others who had either been through a similar experience with their own beloved pet, were cancer survivors themselves, or who were struck by his initial paint-covered picture at SBC and followed his rescue story. His story has to mean more than one lucky dog who made it out of the shelter to be loved and eventually treated for a terminal illness. There are so many other Lawrences out there with no one, or maybe they have owners or rescues who treasure them, but do not have the funds to help them. To help the "other Lawrences out there," we started Lawrence's Legacy to help terminally ill or seriously sick or injured dogs who, like Lawrence, deserve the love, care and treatment that usually only the most affluent owners can provide, as diagnosis and treatment can cost thousands. Lawrence's Legacy will be an arm of Cause for SB Paws, helping owners or rescues who need funding for treatment and the basic costs of keeping their furry loved one as comfortable as possible for as long as humanely possible. If in the shelter, Lawrence's Legacy will offer a donation to a reputable rescue to get the dog to a vet and into a warm bed, even if just for a short time. This won't be easy. It will take consistent, committed donors to accumulate enough funding to help a handful of dogs per year. Diagnosis alone, which requires expensive testing, can run from $2000-$4000. After-treatment plans, depending on the age of the dog, prognosis, and chance of survival at a high quality of life, will vary. Please donate to Lawrence's Legacy today, and help the dogs in need tomorrow.



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