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CROWDRISE : Apr 17, 2013
Tax ID: 45-3694612
BASED: Greenwich, CT, United States


Our Mission

The mission of Leadership Exchange is twofold: to focus on the social emotional growth of teenagers and young adults through cultural exchange and service-learning trips and to advance humanitarian work in developing nations through direct funding. Leadership Exchange is a global community network that connects individuals of various socio-economic backgrounds. Through service learning trips and exchange programs, participants are able to learn about and understand members of their own peer group who come from disparate backgrounds. Through dialogue, focus groups, team building, and shared experiences, students find similarities beyond their differences and identify the advantages and influence they possess to have a positive influence on their local and global communities.

Leadership Exchange seeks to improve the leadership capacity of youth to function in a global society. We recognize these trips as an important piece of adolescent development and aim to improve global consciousness and social justice awareness of the participants. These trips have been a transformative experience in the lives of our students, adult chaperones, and the organizations with whom we partner.

To help accomplish our goals, Leadership Exchange cultivates relationships with local social service organizations through direct funding and by providing community service trips to better these organizations, help build their infrastructure, and to aid their surrounding communities. In addition, Leadership Exchange is very proud to partner with other existing nonprofit organizations that add invaluable depth to our program.

We are seeking to build a global community network that connects individuals of various socio-economic backgrounds. We want to develop the social-emotional growth of teenagers and adults through cultural exchange and service-learning trips, so please help to make this possible with your contribution.

Your support:

  • Provides trips to students from across the country and around the world
  • Provides direct aid to our partner organizations, like Bana Ba Letsatsi
  • Helps build schools
  • Empowers children
  • Develops communities

Thank you!!!

All donations to Leadership Exchange are tax deductible to the fullest allowable extent.

Tax ID: 45-3694612 •


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