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Small businesses are at the heart of the domestic economy and founders are at the heart of these small businesses. The Leaders Lab is a business incubator focusing on the development of these founders while helping them launch new ventures. The purpose of the Lab is to develop new kinds of leaders, running new kinds of ventures, in new ways.

New kinds of leaders - The need for effective, ethical leaders is everywhere, in every organization and in every community. We believe that the most significant leadership challenge today is selfish, ego-centric thinking. Our culture tends to glorify prestige and celebrity over substance, immediate gratification over the enduring, and charisma over character. This emphasis can often result in an out-of-balance ethical compass. We believe entrepreneurs need character development as much as business planning, so we pick-up where business schools leave off by helping founders integrate head and heart.

New kinds of ventures - It's widely know that the majority of start-up businesses fail when going it on their own. The Leaders Lab creates a new kind of venture that diminishes many of the causes of failure through elements such as business coaching, personal development, team building, and collaborative curriculum built in conjunction with other entreprenuerial education focused non-profit organizations aligned with our mission. Further, these new ventures will have access to capital through the introduction to funding sources, primarily angel investors.

New ways - Unlike traditional business incubators, the Lab focuses on the Founder first. This focus will blend pragmatism with passion and the analytic with the creative - essentially, head with heart.

We need your help to launch this new and exciting business incubator located in Avon, Colorado.  All contributions go directly to program launch and sustainability.  The ultimate goal is to develop the Leaders Lab into a vibrant, learning-oriented community with a campus of facilities, both built and natural.  Founders of incubator companies are benefiting from a cadre of leaders who are inspired stewards of their own experiences.  The evolution of the concept will grow to inspire purposeful living and leading on a global scale.



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