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Markeith Johnson's Fundraiser:

Leaders of the "New School" (Cloud School Apps)

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December 22, 2011

Looking to "breathe life into this idea" I need help, any volunteers?  See more
Markeith Johnson


I seeking funding to start a "Cloud School" K-12 curriculum, user developed content. Starting with the basics ABC's and 123's. As children learn they develop new learning content that is submitted and app chapter is added or in the case of a new app the child becomes a app author and receives money for the sales of the app. The goal is to create learning supplements and a revenue opportunity for kids.


Urban Images Network Thursday Dec 22, 1:37am EST Category Technology   

Funding Goal $20,000+  

Project Description

Leaders Of The New School is focused on developing and distributing "Cloud Based" education for disadvantaged youth and at risk children. Our approach is simple teach the children how to create content and then develop a branded app for that child, as the child learns they update the app with new information and knowledge the have acquired. The app serves a dual purpose, it gives the child "ownership: of his or her education and it a tool for other children to learn from also. I currently have a studio. computers and software to start this task but I would like to expand to develop an online class and tutorials for the children to learn how to develop content and build their own free and paid apps. 


Project Rewards

Each app will have a limited "free" version that will allow other students to sample the teaching style of the app and sample the content. The children will do a series of thank you "shout outs" that will be included in the app. $10-100. Learning modules can "sponsored" by a backer example (funding will provide the budget for apps like microbiology with Brandon). "Lil' Brian teaches kids their ABC's" brought to you by Polytech computers. $1-10 Backers will also have access to a "New School Wall" to post messages and get thank you's from the kids. Children will be encouraged to find new and inventive ways to teach and create content, rewarding a backer by putting their name in a rap verse that teaches sentence structure. Or naming a character in one the apps after a backers child. Backers will be able to listen to the children promote their apps and ask them questions on a live internet radio show that will be available as a podcast. Free online emags will also connect backers and kids   



I will be devoting part of my NOBED website to this project and fund raising effort, www.markeithjohnson.com is my personal website. I am a interactive media designer, and I was diagnosed with severe A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) in Jan, 2011, what I found is that the things I am good at like design allow me to adapt to challenging learning situations by creating alternative learning environments that I can thrive in. I am still learning about ADD and hope to share what I have learned this year with other kids struggling in traditional learning systems. This project is a part of my goal.    

Urban Images Network Thursday Dec 22, 1:44am EST

My passion is urban art and expression, am a life time student of the global hip-hop culture. At 42 years old I am interested in finding creative ways for our children to learn and to teach each other. I was a part of this ground breaking effort in my city www.smartshorties.com and was instrumental in the early development of the platform. I believe that creative expression and mentor-ship are key elements missing in our communities. Thank you,  




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