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Leading Individuals for Eternity Inc's Fundraiser:

Leading Individuals for Eternity Inc

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People want to be valued and people want to be loved! You have the power to change right now by donating to a cause that is cause that helps children and families overcome asversities. When one person experiences liberty it opens the ability to help others.

Understanding the Need

Are there areas in your life that you know outside guidance or counseling could help you manage? Were we considered an at-risk youth with behavioral concerns and were considered for a mentorship program? Do we know a marriage that could've survived if only someone helped them work through their brokenness? Are you a couple with a blended family that would like pointers on parenting? All these questions are serious and if left unattended can develope inappropriate responses, unhealthy habits, and reinforce negative thoughts.

A Brief Summary

Divorce rates are alarmingly high and as many as 3 of 4 marriages end without receiving counseling or guidance from outside resources. That means that 75% of couples divorce without an opportunity for reconciliation to transpire. This event not only impacts the adults but also places unintentional stress on the innocent- the children. Children become a priority as they are the future of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Divorce is one life occurrence that leaves vulnerability for children to become at-risk. At-risk youth are more promiscuous, tolerant of recreational drugs, and have higher high school incompletion rates.

Our Solution 

We give allocations to individuals, At-risk youth, and couples that are seeking counseling but may not be able to afford such services. Our screening process ensures that each individual that receives a scholarship is verified and is indeed eligible. This reduces any hindrances of people in need not receiving care and the misallocation of resources. The majority of people do not have adequate resources or insurance to cover the cost of marriage or individual counseling. This unfortunately is the leading excuse provided by most in response to why outside services were never sought after; however, through providing scholarships we are able to connect many to receiving the much needed help.

Your Contributions

With your contributions Leading Individuals for Eternity will be able to help others discover identity, unlock potential, and expand influence in the world they impact. We could not be more privileged and excited to partner with you in helping to restore these individuals and relationships back to a functional capacity. For every $80 donated we are able to give care to 5 individuals or 5 families. Leading Individuals for Eternity is a coaching and counseling charity organization registered in Florida as a 501c3- non-profit.

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