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LEAF: Connecting Cultures & Creating Communities through Music & Arts.
LEAF believes that learning words, songs, dances and even foods of other cultures as a child has incredible value to our society. LEAF strives to make an impact on the world so that music and arts from other cultures continue in the hearts of the young and the young at heart.
Do you value the arts?
The LEAF Organization provides opportunities for underserved youth to learn and experience performing arts and world cultures; provides programs for youth globally to preserve and learn their local music traditions and provides opportunities for YOU to experience world music & arts at a ordable rates.
You can see the change:
Each year, youth are exposed to cultural and performing arts through LEAF in Schools & Streets (LSS) with the opportunity to perform at LEAF. Youth are transformed by the performing experience. Through local LSS and global LEAF International; LEAF has served over 27,000 youth in the last seven years.
You can make a difference in LEAF’s Future:
LEAF is looking to deepen our impact including continuing programming through the summer, creating an “All-Star” or “Mentor” program for youth who are excelling or aging out of current programs, improving training for teaching artists, and creating additional programs in our current international host cities.
I’m going to remember that song for the rest of my life” –Student at REACH in LSS Program