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CROWDRISE : Apr 16, 2013
Tax ID: 59-3081088
BASED: Cocoa, FL, United States


Radical Creativity

We are all about innovation. We are all about change that transforms the planet through technological innovation and scientific brilliance.

It starts small – innovation, one person, one student at a time... with you and with me.  One significant individual who decides not just that they can make a change - but that they WILL make a change!  That person may just be you.  Here’s our plan:


If you were to pick the most urgent problem on earth, what would it be?  Of course, it is the threat to our environment.  There are many approaches to making a difference, of course.  But we consider almost every plan fundamentally flawed.  The reason?  They are mostly flawed because they all seem to start big target big and have a need to make an instant, visible splash.  But here is how the world really works.  Remember the butterfly that flaps its wings in San Francisco and though chaos theory creates a hurricane across the ocean in a month?  Or how about the young boy who wrote a book at the pace of just one page per day and at the end of the year published a 365 page novel?  We have a perfect solution to the most serious problem on earth.  We call it, “Pulling the Plug.” 


Who is eligible to participate?  Everyone!  There is a role that every interested party can play.  More on that later.


What do we intend to do that will require your assistance?


1.  We plan to publish a book in 2013, “Pulling the Plug – Unplugging from the Grid One Circuit at a Time”.  We plan to each every person how to start using alternative energy and integrating it into their homes and lives slowly, affordably.  In this way we can each contribute stating today to the decline in the use of fossil and nuclear fuels and the reduction of gasses that are causing climate change.  Our plan is to teach these steps to everyone that can be implemented by each one of us starting today!  


2. We plan to develop lesson plans for kindergarten through senior high school, teaching young students how to become energy independent themselves in a series of “Pulling the Plug” lesson plans and curriculum guides – all available to teachers free on our website.  In the process we will teach new and radically creative ways of thinking that will change forever the minds of the next generation when it comes to environmental sustainability and stewardship.  We teach not just physical plug-pulling – but mental and philosophic plug-pulling as well!


3.  We are also developing another set of curriculum and lesson plans called, “Pulling the Plug on Wastes”.  We will be teaching the next generation that there really are no wastes – that all things are resources and that instead of teaching the astonishingly primitive idea of ‘waste processing’ – we will teach them the profoundly powerful lessons of ‘resource recovery’ instead.  We will teach them that everything is a resource to be valued, conserved and re-used!


4.  And finally, every contributor, no matter how large or small will receive a lifetime membership to the “Pulling the Plug Society” and will receive a free e-book copy of the book, Pulling the Plug” as soon as it is released sometime in 2013!


You see, we can succeed and we can make a difference, each of us, by pulling our plugs to waste and dependence, one circuit and one idea at a time!  Just remember. In your sphere of power and influence, you can make a huge difference just by pulling the plugs within your control!



Tax ID: 59-3081088 •


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