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Leah Libresco's Fundraiser:

Leah & Alexi's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Oct 15, 2016


We'd be honored if you chose to make a donation to one of two charities that are particularly important to us as a wedding gift.


Against Malaria Foundation

AMF distributes treated bed nets in malaria-stricken countries and is ont of the top charities recommended by GiveWell. GiveWell holds charities to a high standard, checking not only that your money is actuall spent on the intervention, but also that the intervention works. AMF is one of the best charities at doing the most verifiable good for the money you send them. 


The Labouré Society

This charity (website here, their Crowdrise-specific site is sparse!) helps people who are called to priests, friars, or nuns to begin their religious formation. In order to enter a monastery, convent, or seminary, men and women must have paid off their student loans. The Labouré Society helps raise money for aspirants whose debt is a barrier to their vocation.

We've both received extraordinary support from priests and consecrated religious, and we'd like to support the people who hold us up with their prayers and their love.


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Leah & Alexi's Charity Wedding Registry's Photo

The Against Malaria Foundation

Leah & Alexi's Charity Wedding Registry's Photo


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CHARITY: The Against Malaria Foundation

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