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Learning All About Forex

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Learning is part of growing and you certainly know about things because you learned from someone of from your own curiosity. In every aspect of life, since you were born until you grow old, you are always learning. What is Forex One of the things that you will hear on radios, watch on televisions, and read on the newspaper will be all about forex and how is it going today. For those who are wondering what this Forex is, this is a decentralized global market where all of the world’s currencies are being traded. It is a simplified term for Foreign Exchange, also known as currency exchange. Facts about Forex Industry Every country you know and every country you go, they have their own currencies that are involved in forex. Learning more about it will be possible with the help of forex trading course that will be given out by professional Forex mentors and trainers. There are some facts that you need to know first about forex: The United Kingdom is the world’s biggest forex market. If you are thinking that the United States is the center of forex trading, then you need to change that mindset because you are wrong. Only 19% of the forex transactions happen in the US and 41% happen in the UK. The remaining 40% is for the rest of the world. Deutsche Bank is the largest global forex player Germany is known to be a small forex market but their Deutsche Bank is the largest global player in the world. They have 14.6% market share. It is followed by Citi at 12.3% and Barclays at 11%. The UK pound used to dominate global forex markets US dollar is the largest currency trader for this generation. Way back in the early 20th century, it is not the US dollar which is on top but the UK pound. Almost half of the global forex trading before involves pound. Currency exchange started back to biblical times The currency market is not a new invention or new idea. When you trace back the history of the currency market, money changers are mentioned first in Talmud back to biblical times. These money changers had charged a commission. US banks could print their own money before 1908 Talking about lack of control over fiscal policy, US banks could issue their own money. It was in 1908 that is was corrected with the existence of the US Federal Reserve.



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